Blizzard Unlifts the lid on Sunwell


Patch time approaches once again for WoWers, as Blizzard unveiled some details on their website yesterday. Fury of the Sunwell (aka Patch 2.4), promises to bring with it “robust” changes and streamlining to the quest log and UI, as well as a boatload of new content. Sunwell Isle will also open, featuring both 25- and 5-man instances, new daily quests, and faction grinding with the Shattered Sun Offensive. For tournament WoWers, the patch will also include an update that allows players to create level 70 custom characters, complete with shiny epic equipment, to compete in global arena tournaments.

The handful of screenshots depict mostly Blood Elf territory and the trailer features mostly Blood Elves that are either emo, dead, or both, but there are also some glimpses as to what may lie at the end of the next big instance. For more info, hop on either Fury of the Sunwell or the new Arena Tournament updates over to the official World of Warcraft site.