Could it be? Diablo III?


With the success of World of Warcraft and all the previous Blizzard games, it’s safe to say the company is not hurting on money. StarCraft II will be released some time late this year or early next year and there’s no doubt that it too will dominate any game in the genre that crosses its path. But what’s next for Blizzard? Diablo III perhaps?

The team behind both Diablo I and II is looking for new blood. The position of Lead 3D Level Designer needs to be filled by someone who can “model interesting architecture and environments in 3D” and “script interesting cinematic sequences using in-game art.”

With a franchise like Diablo, would Blizzard hand the development of DIII to anyone but its original creators? Probably not. So saying whoever fills this position will be working on the next Diablo game isn’t that far of a reach.

There are millions of gamers praying for this so it’s almost inevitable that this game will be made sooner or later. We just have to be patient. We’ve been waiting 7 years so what’s a little longer huh? After all, StarCraft II was announced 10 years after the original was released. Either way, it will surely make Blizzard enough money to give every person in the world a dollar.