Fable 2 not as close as we hoped


Ah those good ol’ release dates. It’s the perfect mix of happiness and sadness – they rise us high thinking our favorite games will be released soon, and then let us fall from the skies to a grave of disappointment. Pushing back a game isn’t bad, it means the developers want to polish and fix bugs so we can get the most out of our 60 dollar investment. Fable 2 is the next game to get hit by the ‘push back’ stick and sadly Fable 2 will not be released until late sometime this year.

“Peter was saying at GDC that Fable 2 won’t be released until late autumn at the earliest,” VG247 is reporting. Fable 2 is one of the bigger 360 titles this year and personally one of my most anticipated games this year, so I feel the pain. Let’s keep our heads high though, this is a big year for gaming so there’s plenty to hold us over until Fable 2.

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