GameSpot Loses An Editor Once Again


We’ve been reporting on the situation over GameSpot ever since Jeff Gerstmann was fired surrounding the “tone” he chose to review Kane & Lynch: Dead Men with. Well, it seems we’re not done quite yet.

Amidst a whole team of editors fleeing GameSpot quicker than culprits from a crime scene, Brad Shoemaker is calling quits after 8 years with the site. While he hasn’t let loose what his plans are after leaving, he will be maintaining a personal Blogspot blog to keep people in the know about his future endeavors.

Man, this has turned out to be a crazy turn of events for cNet and GameSpot. Here are guys who were with the company since practically forever, and after a shady turn of events they’ve all decided to just pack it in and head off. Again, most of us on the outside don’t know what really went down, but if it was in fact due to the firing of Gerstmann over his review, give a +1 to the editors for keeping up with views of journalistic integrity.