GameStop Predicting Wii Shortages For At Least 6 More Months

gamestop-mar19.jpgAt the end of ’05, if someone offered to make a bet for a million bucks that in the new generation of consoles Nintendo’s Wii would be selling like wildfire, and be pretty much unavailable for almost a year and a half after its release; you’d probably have taken it and labeled them a sucker.

Well it’s March 2008, and Nintendo’s little titan hit the ground running at light speeds and hasn’t looked back since. Good news for Nintendo, but bad news for consumers because it appears it’s only going to get worse.

During a call with investors, GameStop took the time to make a prediction on the state of Wii’s availability, saying they expect shortages to last for another 6 months. At least. GameStop COO Dan Dematteo was asked by investors if he was seeing an end to post holiday shortages that affected the 360 (*gasp* maybe Microsoft was telling the truth!), DS, and Wii. Dematteo singled out Wii and predicted that supply “won’t meet demand for the next 2 quarters.”

When it came to the other systems, Dematteo said the 360 and DS were both seeing increased and stable shipments, while the PSP was getting a little hard to come by. As for the Sony’s other system? They have plenty of those, and it will have “good stock when GTA IV launches.”

GameStop CFO David Carlson chimed in and said that although nothing had been released officially from any company, he could see the 360 and PS3 getting $50 price cuts sometime this year. Which in 360’s case already happened in Europe, and with some pretty nice results.