Gamers Break Guiness World Record


Now this is something you don’t hear about every day. Over in London, 80 cosplayers got together in their full attire to make history and get their names (and costumes) in the Guiness World Record Gamers Edition of 2009.

The world record hopefuls met up on the Millennium Bridge, sporting their best costumes of Sonic, Yoshi, Mario, Lara Croft and Vincent Valentine, just to name a few. Their plan clearly worked, as they have successfully broken the “Largest Gathering of Games Characters” record, and are now major (minor) celebrities.

There were reports that thirty children from Argyle Primary School of Kings Cross, all dressed as Mario, were in attendence. This begs the question, why the heck weren’t those kids in class? Perhaps their parents realized that this was most likely a once-in-a-lifetime event and it’s not every day that a mob of Mario’s makes it’s way down the street. One excited youngster sure enjoyed himself, “I have had a great day,” he says “I have met all my favourite characters – the best one is Tails from Sonic”. Hmmm… I guess they train their Sega fanboys pretty young in London.