Haze PS3 Exclusivity Debatable


Haze is one of the PS3’s big 2008 titles. Originally in production for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, Free Radical’s Haze shifted development entirely to PS3 with other editions seemingly fizzling out. Apparently, word got around from an Ubisoft rep at Play.com’s London event that Haze would never appear anywhere else but on the PS3. But today, Ubisoft issued an official statement to CVG making Haze’s exclusivity even more unclear: Haze is a PS3 exclusive “for now,” claims Ubisoft. Haze’s PS3 debut looks to be short-lived after all, as the caveat “for now” probably means Haze is a timed-exclusive. If Haze is a success on PS3, Ubisoft will likely release it on other platforms in 6-months or so. We’ll keep you updated on Ubisoft’s mood swings.