More Intel Leaks from PS3’s The Agency


Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) thinks competition is a good thing. In typical MMO’s, more experienced players can usually trounce newer players, but SOE’s The Agency wants to change that. Sony is working hard to balance the game to keep every gamer, regardless of experience, on their toes. Experienced players won’t be overpowered so that things aren’t fun for rookies. In the spy-vs-spy world of The Agency, technique and skill are the true determining factors.

The MMO staple of collecting loot is also being rethought by SOE. Players will be able to eventually set up their own spy agency, complete with operatives that run missions and do your dirty work. SOE refers to these characters as “living loot”—hundreds of specialized agents with unique skill sets and abilities will be unlockable. As the agency head, you must manage their tasks, guide their skills, and check on their health and morale. The “living loot” aspect of The Agency sounds enticing. Collecting spies and creating a lineup of international killers sounds like a blast.

Currently in development for PS3 and PC, SOE is doing their best to bring the MMO experience to Sony’s console. The Agency puts players in a world of espionage and intrigue. As a customizable spy, you’ll tackle global missions with brain and brawn. Guns, gadgets, and stealth are the tools at your disposal, creating a variety of play styles. No official release date has been announced by Sony, but a beta is expected this year.

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