New de Blob Video Paints the Town Orange

Publisher THQ has released new gameplay footage of Blue Tongue Entertainment’s funky new Wii title de Blob. It has been a few months since we’ve seen anything new from the game and I must say it’s shaping up pretty nicely. In de Blob you control a blob of paint and are tasked with covering monochromatic cities in color. To accomplish this you bounce from building to building in free roaming levels tracking paint around. Each time you touch a building it gets covered in paint and liberates more city dwellers from the boredom of black and white. Of course there is an evil corporation trying to stop you from spreading fun and color to the people. How Orwellian. The game also features a multiplayer mode in which, and I’m just hoping here since not much has been released, you compete to color the most buildings against other players.

You can tell from the gameplay video above that the game isn’t really going for mind blowing Wii graphics (oxymoron?) but is more of an easy to access, fun feel like that of Katamari Damacy with a bit of free flowing movement like Jet Grind Radio or a Tony Hawk game thrown in. Though, if they want those Katamari Damacy comparisons to continue they’re going to have to do something about the music. Otherwise this is definitely a Wii game to look out for as it not only is an original IP on the system but also seems to actually use the Wii’s controls in a straightforward and non-gimmicky way. I know Wii gets a bad rap for its games simply being “fun” and not having much depth, but when games this different looking are what pop up because of that focus, it makes it kind of hard to complain. De Blob will also be coming to the DS where the stylus should come in handy for some interesting city painting gameplay.

Hit the jump for one more trailer.