Nintendo’s public eco policies still lacking, says Greenpeace


You may remember a few months ago when Microsoft and Nintendo showed up on the “bad list” of companies that just weren’t doing enough to show that they are environmentally conscious. Well it seems that Microsoft has shaped up a bit but the big “N” still lands at the bottom of the list. According the the report, “Nintendo remains the odd one out of the 18 companies in the Guide, without any public time lines to eliminate the worst toxic chemicals or a global recycling policy for the millions of products it sells every year.”

In the time since the last survey was run, both Microsoft and Sony have improved on their previous positions in terms of open polices on recycling efforts. This doesn’t mean that Nintendo doesn’t have a recycling policy, just that they have never made it public. Why would such a highly respected company fail to let the media know of it’s environmental policies? That’s a very good question, and I don’t have an answer. Let’s just hope that they get their act together and stop poisoning the well (no pun intended) of good press they’ve been getting lately.