Paper Planes may turn some heads


First of all, let me start out by saying that this writer has never been big on mobile games. Tetris came with my phone when I bought it, so that gets the most playtime out of anything I’ve ever attempted to enjoy on a handset. That may change though, after seeing how Namco’s newest mobile game is shaping up. Paper Planes will be soaring into the download lists of your mobile providers by the time you read this, and you might just want to give it a shot.

When I first read about the concept of making paper airplanes with my phone I didn’t see how it could ever translate into anything resembling fun. It appears I was wrong, because this might just be the perfect title for a mobile platform. The beauty lies in the simplicity. Players begin by picking basic airplane shapes that we all made as children, but that’s where the kiddy stuff ends because from there you must negotiate weight, angles of wings, account for drag, etc. After choosing exactly how you want your plane to fly you are taken to the flight screen, where your nameless, faceless character launches your creation into the world and you either cruise or crash. It’s all about trial and error and bite size bits of this game might just make your morning coffee breaks a bit more enjoyable.