Square Enix Lets US Gamers in on Members Action


For all you die-hard Final Fantasy fans out there, March 24th is your time to finally run with the big dogs. Square Enix, makers of the Final Fantasy and Valkyrie Profile franchises, have announced a North American version of their long-time running Japanese Square Enix Members — an online membership program that promises access to exclusive trailers, developer interviews, swag, and downloadable content.

Although an official line-up of what’s in store has yet to be released for the NA version, one can only hope it takes its cues from its Japanese older brother. Member points scored when Square Enix games are purchased can be redeemed buying various game-related swag like soundtracks, and members have access to several mini-flash games adopted from Enix titles, like Chocobo Tales. We can also keep our fingers crossed for a North American version of Virtual World, an online environment that’s part MMO, part Second Life, and part gaming forum, featuring customizable avatars in a 3-D space.

The site is meant to go live on 03/24/08, but pre-registration is now available, for those of us who can’t wait until then.