Warhammer Online’s Big Book of Awesome

warhammerbook-mar19.jpgOkay, so maybe that’s not its technical name, but Warhammer Online’s Tome of Knowledge is EA Mythics’s answer to every other MMO’s Log Journal. Syp, a self-proclaimed “casual-hardcore player”, has laid out all the info he can manage to scrounge up on the Tome over at his WO blog, Waaagh!, and he’s gone through every wiki, interview, and FAQ sheet to do it. The result? An excellent and exciting rundown on what’s in store for Warhammer Online players, as they immerse themselves into the fantasy and folklore with the help of their trusty Tome.

By taking inspiration from several different RPGs and then adding a dash of their own inspiration, Mythic hopes to provide their players with a compendium that will not only chronicle the development of their character, but also track quests, provide information about the world around them, and offer an alternative to the straight-forward grind of traditional questing. Players that read through the Tome can reveal hidden quests, gain XP, and unlock achievements, character titles (a la Lord of the Rings Online) and much much more.

Below are a selection of high points from Syp’s list:

  • Jeff Hickman stated that he lost count at over “12,000 unlocks” in the TOK so far. Carrie Gouskos said, as of September 2007, they were tracking over 5,000 achievements.
  • You can use the TOK to unlock the lore story for all three of the races on your realm.
  • You can earn various rewards through the TOK including: experience points, lore rewards (more bits of the story), achievement-related titles (“Dwarf Slayer” for killing 100 dwarves, for instance), abilities/skills and bragging rights.
  • Some quests won’t be obvious and will take a player’s special attention to notice and accomplish them – which will be rewarded by the TOK.

For a comprehensive rundown of what else Syp has managed to dig up on Warhammer Online’s Big Book of Awesome, as well as some of his great commentary as to why he’s so stoked, check out his post over at Waaagh!