Bad Company beta now set for March 25

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the beta for Battlefield: Bad Company was MIA on Xbox LIVE this week and didn’t begin this Monday as previously thought. Don’t worry, it’s still very much coming but it turns out the date that was going around previously was simply incorrect. The correct date is March 25th, or next Tuesday. EA sent out an official announcement this time around, along with a gold seeking trailer and three screenshots from a beta map.

The beta demonstrates how tactical destruction can be applied in multiplayer gameplay, and Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Senior Producer for Battlefield: Bad Company, is excited to show off the new ‘Gold Rush’ gamemode. “The feedback coming back from something like this is crucial for us as developers and will help us with the final changes and polish in the game,” Troedsson said. “We think offering two of the multiplayer maps will give gamers a fantastic experience and some great insight into the game.”

The beta will be available for gamers in the US and UK, and keys will be available from IGN, GameSpy, TeamXbox, Planet Battlefield and Voodoo Extreme.

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