Call Of Duty 4 Map Pack dated, detailed


Endlessly lucky, the guys over at IGN got some quality time with Infinity Ward’s latest gift to the world, also known as the COD4 Map Pack. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this. Actually I can, and it’s alot. That’s not all though, because a release date was also let out of its dirty cage. Starting April 3rd (can’t come soon enough) you’ll be able to snap this pack off XBL Marketplace for the seemingly standard map-pack price of 800MS Points, or $10USD. The maps are as follows;

Broadcast – (Pictured above) A larger map with both indoor and outdoor environments, multi-tiered structures, and… board rooms. Yeah, that’s right, if you’ve ever been really mad at your boss you can pretend that he just dressed up like a Marine and proceed to blow is brains out all over his own paperwork and that motivational poster on the wall.

Chinatown – Ripped straight from COD2’s Carentan layout, this map will clearly favor veterans of that particular arena. The map has been re-skinned, updated, and it looks simply fantastic. Neon lights, traditional Chinese architecture, and all the atmosphere of the orient permeate each and every structure. Suited to close or medium range weapons, with only a few spots for a sniper to make a living.

Creek – (Pictured below) A sniper’s paradise. Huge, lush outdoor environment. Tons of open areas with a few cabins sprinkled around, and long sight lines. I can already tell I’m not going to like this map, as when I’m trying to be a sniper I think I’d be better off launching spitballs from a plastic desert spoon.


Killhouse – Fans of the already popular “Shipment” map will love Killhouse. The assets of the map are stripped from the training level of the single player campaign and the map itself is not much bigger than the house you raid during your tutorial. The roof is open and the map is not much more than a bunch of wood, concrete walls, and gunfire. Anyone who is experienced with the Mini Uzi and quick with the knife will be right at home in this murderfest.

There they are, four new maps in all their glory. This update will add some serious legs to the game and I fully expect it to keep COD4 at the top of the multiplayer activity board without much competition. That is, until a certain Legendary pack is unleashed on the world a mere 12 days later…