Castle Crashers devblog launches, release date remains illusive


Way back in the year of 2006, at a little even known as Comic-Con, a tiny little game was making a big impression on everyone who saw it. That game was Castle Crashers, and I have personally been following this game for well over a year now. The first thing that caught my eye was the fresh art style. I know “fresh” is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit these days but when you see this game in action you will know what I’m talking about. The graphics are crisp, vibrant, and displayed in gorgeous HD resolution. Animation is top-notch and and I would take litterally any single screenshot and put it in a frame to be mounted on my office wall. The characters, though ruthless killers, are absolutely f*cking adorable. I just can’t say enough about this game, and I haven’t even played it yet.

I have, however, been hunting down every single piece of media I can on this extremely promising title, so you can imagine my delight when developer The Behemoth launched its very own development blog to give us every little piece of new info you (read: I) could ever desire. The basic game mechanic plays much like the old arcade titles such as TMNT and The Simpsons. Depending on how far you’ve gotten in the game, you can start as any one of 22 playable characters, and begin your raiding escapades. The game supports 4-player co-op gameplay over Xbox LIVE, which I have a feeling will become crucial to your survival given some of the boss characters that have surfaced. The game isn’t just a straight up swordfest though, you’ll unlock various weapons, and even do a little RPG-ing in the course of your adventure.

The newly launched site offers plenty of information on the game, as well as an inside look at the guys who are responsible. The only thing that’s lacking is a release date, and that’s sort of a big deal if you ask me. So far, the only thing that’s dripped out of the faucet is “Summer 2008”, and that’s a pretty broad window. Be sure to check out the offical devblog, as it is not only an extremely interesting read, but might also just get you even more hyped for the game than I already am… though I doubt that’s possible.

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