GRID is Really, Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking

If my job wasn’t writing for this site all you would be reading here were the words “ooooo pretty car.” But my job is to write, so write I shall. GRID, from Codemasters, looks absolutely phenomenal. In the world of simulated car racing looking good is half the battle and GRID looks so good that I stopped caring about what the controls might be like about half way through the trailer and by the end I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t mind the game simply having no controls.

If you remember, Codemasters also made DiRT (What’s with the four letter words with caps?) which was a stunningly good looking racing game that also played pretty well. Here’s to hoping that the even better graphics of GRID correlate with the gameplay and deliver unto us an amazing racing game that does more then just make that high definition television worth while. Ah, who am I kidding…ooooo pretty car.

I highly suggest clicking over to Gametrailers and watching in high-def.

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