Update / Guitar Hero: On Tour Peripheral Revealed

Here it is, finally we can put all the speculation to rest. Activision has revealed by way of IGN the peripheral that will allow you to get your guitar groove on, while on the move.

Dubbed the ‘Guitar Grip’, it’s a device that plugs into the DS’s GBA cartridge slot and will feature 4 fret buttons. Picking will be handled on the touch screen and players will be able to use a “guitar pick” to strum virtual strings on the screen itself. No word on how you’ll be pulling off “whammy’s”, but since WarioWare Inc. managed to incorporate motion-sensing into the GBA, it seems like it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Guitar Hero: On Tour is said to feature 20+ songs, which will all be master recordings, not remakes. One has to wonder with the the wifi capabilities of the DS if there will be downloadable content as well?

Either way, I can guarantee you this; Guitar Hero: On Tour is probably going to make Activision A LOT of money. It should also help to move some DS’s too. Yet, it’s not like Nintendo needs any more money, considering their dump trucks are over-worked already…

Update: Hit the break for a closer look of the peripheral..