Persona 4 Gameplay Preview Surfaces

When it rains, it poors! Following closely on the heels of Korey’s post yesterday featuring the Famitsu scans on Persona 4, a new gameplay promo has surfaced over at GameTrailers. Geared towards the Japanese market, the video is completely in Japanese, but still provides a great look at some of the artwork from Famitsu in context of the game.

The promo itself clocks in at a hefty 17 minutes, but for non-Japanese speakers, the first few minutes contain mostly voiceovers and a long interaction with Igor in what seems to be a limo version of the Blue Room. However, once you get past the intro, the video gives more than just a sneak peak at a lot of the games cut scenes (still treated with the traditional animation style seen in Persona 3) as well as gameplay. The combat clips are a lot shorter and much more frenetically edited compared to the long sections of dialog, but there is still a lot to be seen, including some new personas as well as the key characters in battle mode.

The game seems to be following closely the Persona 3’s model, with more of the same 3D environments, similar art direction and even another shaggy-haired protagonist, but like they say, nothing succeeds like success. Hopefully an enriching story, more interesting gameplay, and a menagerie of new personas will follow suit, leading Altus to another home-run RPG.