Street Fighter Kicks Its Way Onto The Big Screen


Max Payne and Metal Gear Solid are already creating a buzz amongst gamers with their soon to be game-to-movie creations on the horizon. Could this mean superheroes are about to take a step back so videogames can see the Hollywood spotlight? Probably not, since we all know games + movies = painful headaches. So who will be the next game character to enjoy the Hollywood spotlight? Apparently Chun Li from Street Fighter. That’s right, it’s offical. Capcom has just released a list of the actors slated to star in the new “Street Fighter” movie, based on the popular fighting franchise.

The story will revolve around Chun Li, who is portrayed by the lovely Kristen Kreuk. You may remember Kruek from her part on the WB’s Smallville series. Michael Clark Duncan is on deck to play Balrog (I can see that), M. Bison will be played by Neal Mcdonough, Taboo (of the “Black Eyed Peas”) will play Vega, and last but not least Chris Klein will play Charlie Nash. (/barf) Not much else is known about the plot other than it will be centered on Chun Li.

Kristen Kreuk has the beauty to play Chun Li, but does she have the athletic ability? The flexibility and training to pull off such a character? She would have been the last person I’d think to be cast in such a role. Still, it’s not like the Street Fighter name holds any water in the movie industry anyway. We all know how epic Jean Claude Van Damme was in the 1994 adaption (/sarcastic laugh). Let’s just pray that this movie doesn’t spawn another spin off like the endlessly redundant “Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game”. I mean seriously, who bought that?