Tom Clancy IP now Ubisoft property


Tom Clancy games have been making their rounds for years. Since the early Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon years all the way up through the latest Splinter Cell titles, Ubisoft has published nearly 30 outings with the Tom Clancy badge slapped on the front. Well it looks like they’re planning on adding to that long, distinguished list of games, as Ubisoft has just announced they have secured the rights to the Tom Clancy IP for use in games, books, and movies. This means that Ubisoft will no longer have to pay royalty fees when publishing a game with the Tom Clancy name attached. How much money will they save? Depending on how many titles they decide to churn out at this new, cheaper rate, they could be looking at a cost savings of up to $7.7 million, or close to 5 million Euros per year.

That staggering figure begs the question as to why they didn’t own the IP from the start? The specifics of the acquisition were not released, but with the huge monetary factors at work, we can only dream of the number of 0’s that changed hands along with the Clancy name itself. Now, what does this all mean to John Q. Gamer? It means that if you’re a fan of the Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, or Ghost Recon series, you can rejoice, as I think it’s safe to say you’ll get your fill of Clancy for the next several years (or decades)…