Now You Can’t Play Haze For A Week And Get Your Money Back


You may remember reading about a special offer by EB Games a while back, allowing you to play Haze for a week and then return it to participating stores and get your purchase price refunded in the form of store credit. Well that promo is in serious jeopardy as Ubisoft told MTV in a recent report that “there had been a miscommunication between the publisher’s Canadian arm and the EB Games retail chain in Canada.” O’rly?

I knew the deal sounded a bit sketchy, but that’s one mighty big breakdown in communication. I mean, to offer gamers a FULL REFUND after a week, it really did sound too good to be true. I’m guessing someone over at Ubisoft HQ probably caught wind of this, or simply read the fine print and realized just how ridiculous this was and decided to pull the plug.

This just deepens the hole of rather odd press that Haze has been receiving lately. One day it’s PS3 exclusive, the next it’s likely coming to 360 and PC, and the day after that someone hears from an ‘inside source’ that it will be available exclusively on the Tiger Game.Com. Ok, maybe that last part isn’t entirely accurate, but at this point I don’t think anyone would be surprised by anything they read about this rather mysterious (or hazy, if you’re in the mood for a pun) title.

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