Site news / Our 1000th post


Today is a bit of an anniversary here at That VideoGame Blog. In the few short months that we’ve been actively bringing you daily gaming news, editorials, reviews, and developer interviews, we have published 1000 posts, with this one you’re reading right now being the 1000th. And we’re just getting started.

Plans for the future

Looking into the future, there are several things in the works. In a few weeks time you’ll start noticing some design improvements around the site, starting with a redesigned sidebar and comment area, moving up to a fully reworked gallery. After that, efforts will be focused on getting forums up and introducing user accounts.

But looking at the immediate future, as in today, we’ll have another game giveaway for our loyal readers. Starting in a few hours, we’ll be looking to get rid of three games, so stay tuned! This event will lead up to yet another giveaway where a bit pricier gaming ‘device’ will be up for grabs. Hint: it’s something you can wear (nope, not the Power Glove).

Our writers

Our blogging team has been growing like crazy in last month. With almost 20 great writers aboard and several more to be welcomed soon, expect to see an ever increasing amount of new content to be added daily.

To all the writers, thank you! You guys are awesome. TVGB is only possible because of the time you put into creating great content. Let’s keep it up and we’ll be at 2000 posts in no time.

First times

There’s always a first time for everything, and here are a few of ours: