What first person shooters need to stop doing… according to Yahtzee anyway

In this week’s rendition of Zero Punctuation Yahtzee takes on the decently received Turok, with the blunt loathing that he feels towards most games, and all first-person shooters. But instead of telling us all the reasons why he hates Turok, which I can only assume are numerous, Yahtzee gives us a list of things FPSs need to stop doing. Things like loose controls, and zooming in the back of characters heads to show we are controlling them.

Yahtzee makes a fair argument, because while the FPS genre has become about as stale as a piece of bread at an oxygen bar, most new FPS releases are still pretty much carbon copies of the games that came before them. Much of this Yahtzee blames on Halo and the unbelievable success the franchise has had. But more blame rests at the feet of publishers and their unwillingness to take risks due to the high cost and uncertainty in game development.

The point Yahtzee misses is while FPS are not going away anytime soon, publishers and developers alike are starting to see the light. And with the success of games like Bioshock, and The Darkness, making those difficult decisions about whether or not to back a new IP might just be a little less difficult.