Metroid II gets remade by a fan

metroidremake-mar22.jpgMetroid II: Return of Samus is getting a full blown remake from a fan in Argentina who, going by the handle DoctorM64, has recreated the entire game using Game Maker 7. For those of you who may not remember, Metroid II was originally a GameBoy title, so this is quite a feat considering that the original game is pretty much monochrome. DoctorM64 put a lot and time into this “fan-make” (3 years to be exact), while he used some elements and stages from Metroid: Fusion for the GBA, he actually had to re-draw some of the designs and enemies to keep the game in line with the original.

He’s released a demo and a trailer for the game, and he’s put up a blog to chronicle his trials and tribulations of designing the game. Now that this has been released to the public he’s not even sure how long it’s going to last before he gets the call from Nintendo’s well paid lawyers to shut his operation down. So hurry! You can try the game over at YoYo Games (and don’t miss Part I of the interview Zee did with YoYo’s CEO).