N+ developers on WiiWare, XBL Arcade


Recently, Gamasutra sat down for an interview with N+ creators Raigan Burns, and Mare Sheppard, along with President of Slick Entertainment, Nick Waanders. During the course of the interview they covered a broad range of topics. While on the topic of Xbox LIVE Arcade’s system of organizing their content, they decided to speak their mind and let the world know what they really thought of WiiWare and Nintendo’s online service as well. Below is a brief snippet of the part of the dialog in question.

Raigan Burns: “Why [doesn’t Microsoft] split-fork it so that there’s Live Arcade Retro and Live Arcade Original titles? That would eliminate 50 of the hundred things you have to support.”
Nick Waanders: “I think that would help anyway. The way you sort through games right now is… they didn’t change it.”
Raigan Burns: “It’s still better than Wii, where it takes five minutes to load each three games or whatever, and it doesn’t remember where you were.”
Gamasutra: “They also don’t have a hard drive.”
Raigan Burns: “Yeah, I don’t know how WiiWare is going to work for that. That doesn’t make any sense.”
Gamasutra: “They didn’t really plan for that, I don’t think. But hey, that’s all right!”

While they do bring up some valid points, it also sounds like they haven’t considered (or been offered) the opportunity to present games using the WiiWare service at all. Given the fact that their title is available exclusively on LIVE Arcade, it would be pretty foolish of them to promote the WiiWare service anyway.