Tom Clancy’s EndWar will make you scream

Have you ever wanted to watch a video of cute girls screaming… at videogames? Well you’re in luck, because the Frag Dolls recently got a chance to go hands (voice) on with Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy property, EndWar. The game is set in the near future at the breakout of WWIII, and promises the trademark intensity of Clancy name.

However, this title is making a move from the traditional first and third-person shooter titles to a full-fledged RTS outing. This isn’t just your standard console RTS though, as you’ll have the option to control your military juggernaut with the sweet sound of your very own voice. From what the video clip shows, the system is remarkably responsive and requires no calibration before use. Hit the clip, turn the volume up, and enjoy.