Final Fantasy VII Remake Not Dead After All?


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is about to hit the PSP for what was thought to be the final entry into the revered Final Fantasy VII saga. In an interview held with Crisis Core Director, Hajime Tabata, it seems Square Enix isn’t ready to part with Final Fantasy VII just yet. Tabata confirmed that more Final Fantasy VII goodness is in production, (re)opening the door to speculation about the supposed FFVII remake that Square has been hush-hush about.

A few years back, Square impressed the gaming world with an in-game PS3 tech demo that reanimated the opening FMV sequence from FFVII. Square denied that the footage was from a remake, but it seemed too tantalizing to be just a tech demo. Square has been quiet since. Ten years after the original FFVII sizzled our PlayStations, Square let loose the gorgeous CGI follow-up film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Further entries into the lauded series include the mediocre PS2 actioner, Dirge of Cerberus, staring everyone’s favorite vampire-hunk, Vincent Valentine. Plenty of games have been remade or re-imagined on new hardware, but FFVII deserves a proper conversion. Square Enix knows that fans are drooling over the prospect of playing FFVII on the PS3, and seeing as FFVII is one of the most beloved games of all time, a full-blown remake would make perfect sense.

We’ll keep you updated on Square’s loose talk and further developments. Remember TVGB’s game giveaway—tell us what you’d like Square to do with FFVII. Leave comments and you might win big!