Rock Band DLC is more than a feeling..


..because this Tuesday, fans of 80’s rock groups with incredibly bad hair will be able to get their hands on a new content pack. This particular post-easter gift idea will feature 6 songs from legendary band Boston. Fans of the original Guitar Hero title for the PlayStation 2 may remember how much fun playing “More Than a Feeling” was with the volume cranked all the way up. Get ready to relive that experience, only this time you’ll get the entire Rock Band treatment with voice tracks as well as drums.

The songs, all of which are master tracks, will be individually priced at 160MS Points ($1.99) and go collectively for 800MS Points ($9.99), and will be available through both XBL Marketplace and Sony’s PlayStation Store. The song list includes:

  • “More Than a Feeling” by Boston
  • “Peace of Mind” by Boston
  • “Smokin” by Boston
  • “Rock & Roll Band” by Boston
  • “Something About You” by Boston
  • “Hitch A Ride” by Boston

Regardless of your feelings about EA, you have to admit that Rock Band has been keeping their word on the DLC front and basically putting Guitar Hero to shame. It’s almost as though Activision is admitting defeat with how little of their DLC content has managed to trickle out. Either way, that’s a pretty enticing list of musical splendor above, which promises to have you singing drunken versions of classic rock tunes in no time.

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