Sonic Unleashed breaks out of its own holding bin


That’s right, the image above is (supposedly) from the next installment of the once-sublime, ever popular Sonic franchise. A whole heaping load of images has just crash landed onto the interwebs from (again, supposedly) a leak on SEGA’s own FTP server.

The game, which is currently being referred to as Sonic Unleashed, is still very much a mystery. From what the screens tell us, you can be sure to see a variety of locales, and of course Sonic’s trademark speed. The graphical quality of the screens also appears to hint at the fact that the game would land on either the PS3, Xbox 360, or both, and you can be sure there will be a Wii version as well, especially given the success his name has recently had on the system.

Hit the break for a video featuring some gameplay sequences from the newly revealed title.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as SEGA releases any official news, or Sonic himself shows up at my door and kicks my a$$ for spreading this freshly leaked info…

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