You gotta fight… for your right… to game


The folks at Video Game Voters Network, a U.S. website “for American gamers to organize and defend against threats to video games,” have created a cool way for gamers to show their support to developers and publishers who have to defend their freedom of speech and artistic rights every time a game that is not specifically developed for toddlers hits the streets.

The Wall of Protest is a collection of photos submitted by gamers with messages aimed at the Entertainment Software Rating Board and individuals or organizations who support the censoring of videogames. The photos range from illustrations and drawings to portraits of gamers holding signs with messages such as “Ban ALL violent movies and TV shows -or- LEAVE MY GAMES ALONE!!!!!!” and “Education, not regulation, is the solution.”

The site offers information about how to voice your concerns to your congressman and also has a collection of arguments in favor of educating parents about videogames instead of letting the government eventually step in and regulate gaming. Gamers certainly do not want this to happen. It is already worrisome enough that the ESRB continues to make questionable judgments.