Pirates of the Burning Sea – ready for (re)release


Yes, I know it’s already been released – but only now is it actually ready. Or almost ready. Pirates of the Burning Sea (hereafter PotBS) is an MMO from Flying Lab Software, a small development house based in Seattle. Prior to this, Rails Across America was the only thing on the shelf from them.

PotBS is set in 18th century Caribbean, during The Golden Age of Piracy. A player driven economy, and a robust trade and merchandising/crafting interface have supplemented the PvP environment of the game, which centers around conquest of, ultimately, the entire Caribbean region, for either the British, French, or Spanish nations. Of course, the Pirates are an always present player character faction, and are quite a bit more than a mere nuisance, capable of commandeering any ship they have an itch to pilot.

If you’ve had any doubts about trying PotBS due to the “buggy release curse” that games are infected with these days, they were founded. Some would say even strongly founded. The UI was ugly, barely functionable, the performance was questionable for almost a third of the population, and there were, to put it simply, a number of things that simply didn’t allow the game to be enjoyed as intended.

Finally, come the release of patch 1.2.xx, the game is ready for release. Two months after the street date, the game’s polish is starting to arrive, the mechanics have been tweaked to allow for actual enjoyment of gameplay, and the oceans are alive with combat, ambush, rum and wenches women.

Therefore, I announce it near and far, PotBS is ready to be played and enjoyed. There’s even a demo/14 day trial available, via invitation by current players. Drop a comment if you’d like said invitation – I’m certain I have a couple I can spare. So if open seas travel, naval combat and swashbuckling sound interesting, grab yer skivvies and vitamin C and I’ll see you in game!