PSP dominating Japanese hardware sales once again


While most of the Japanese hardware sales figures will come as little surprise: the Xbox 360 is continuing to be about as popular as VHS tapes, and handhelds continue to dominate the market. What may come as a surprise, is that the choke hold the DS has on the handheld market has begun to slip away with the PSP taking top honors for the third time in a row. While the PSP only sold a handful more units then the DS, the fact that it sold more at all is the remarkable thing.

Many factors could be contributing to the success of the PSP, from last year’s redesign, a competitive price point, to the number one selling game in Japan being a PSP title, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (Monster Hunter Freedom 2).

If you couple the success of the PSP with that of the PS3 in not only the Japanese market but all over the world, Sony is looking at what could turn out to be a very successful year for them. Continuing to outsell the Xbox 360 here in America, and Europe, along with keeping the DS at bay in Japan, will be key if they want to come out as the dominating hardware manufacturer in ’08.

Check out the sales figures out below:

  • PSP: 57,651
  • Wii: 55,845
  • DS Lite: 53,266
  • PS3: 14,934
  • PS2: 9,930
  • Xbox 360: 1,744