Professor Layton DLC is a lie!


If you’re an avid DS gamer, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village, the much loved puzzle adventure game, since its release back in February. There’s also a good chance that you are, eyes glued to your DS, waiting for a new batch of puzzles to be released by Nintendo every week.

But, what would you say if those puzzles you think you’ve been downloading were in your hands all along? You may think that I’m just crazy – and you would be right – but as it turns out, Nintendo isn’t feeding you more puzzles to keep you scratching your head, they are actually letting you download a “special” code that unlocks the puzzles that are already on the cartridge. That’s right, the Professor Layton DLC is a lie!

Someone decided to dig into Professor Layton’s closet and found 162 bonus puzzles just sitting there, waiting to be unlocked. Now, releasing puzzles weekly would be understandable if it would actually cost something (although Chris may disagree with me on that one), but essentially keeping the player on a leash after he/she already paid for the game is just plain odd. No?