Bloopers in Dark Sector

Bugs are present in every game. While good games have so few bugs in the final build you may never even know they’re there, bad games seem so littered with bugs you may not even be able to beat the game. These flaws in games are why developers hire dozens of people to play the game for literally thousands of hours. Over at Club IGN, Dave Kudirka, Assistant Producer of the soon to be released Dark Sector, gave us an inside look at some of the bugs that he almost would have rather seen in the game than out.

My favorite is the vending machine, nothing spells funny like a baddie trying to use a vending machine as cover but instead crushing himself with it. These bugs are funny, but besides the vending machine “mishap” you would never want to see these in-game, so heres a big thanks to all the people who’s job it is to squash bugs.

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