Master Chief, Marcus Fenix on your PS3… no, really


Some very intrepid modders have taken it upon themselves to bring a little 360 love to your PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. Sporting some extremely intricate skins, these modified UT3 models are truly stunning. Besides everyone’s Xbox favorites, you can also join the fragfest of online play as the main protagonist in Crysis, as well as a variety of Spawn skins.

Add-ons like this are what will really give the game legs, and PS3 is really showing its stuff with things like this appearing for absolutely no charge. Unreal Tournament 3 is also slated to land on Xbox 360, but content like this is still in question. Will Microsoft allow Epic to release filtered community created content like this for free, or will there be the arbitrary timed pay period, as with most map packs? Either way, you have to admire the dedication that modders show with projects like this. You also have to find some humor in the irony that the most detailed Master Chief ever created is only playable on a system that has never seen a Halo title…