Fallout 3 to have over 200 endings?


That is not a typo. I did not mean 2, or 20. Bethesda’s Todd Howard spoke a few days ago on the Official Xbox Magazine Podcast, and outlined some new details on Fallout 3. One of the more interesting things that he mentioned is that the game is twice as long as originally planned, and will have over 200 endings. Or, permutations, really.

Still, 200 is quite a hefty number. When I think of games with multiple endings, I think of Silent Hill, and Star Ocean: Second Story for PS2 (Which had about 70 endings). But even when I remember playing Star Ocean, I only ever got about 7 endings. I can’t imagine someone trying to get every single one in Fallout 3. I’ve never played a Fallout game, but more than 200 possible ways to end a game is something that definitely raised an eyebrow.

Also, Howard adds that game is finished and on track for Fall 2008. They just have to do a lot more polishing and testing.