Wii Inspired Wedding Invitations


By now everyone should have seen the WoW Wedding, the weddings aboard the bridge of the USS Enterprise, and all the Star Wars themed weddings one could handle in a lifetime. I’m sure that most would agree that people need to come up with fresh ways to inject some geekiness into their wedding. Thankfully, there are people like Vinnk (aka Kevin) who come up with fresh ideas for others to copy.

Kevin recently posted images of his Wii inspired wedding invitations – already sent out to family, friends, and co-workers – for all to see. The invitations consist of Mii versions of both Kevin and his fiancée with the heading, Wii Are Getting Married. He was even able to sneak in a Super Mario reference on the back of the invitations. He goes on to explain his surprise that his non-gamer fiancée would even let him do something like this for their formal invitations. But, to be honest, with something as mainstream loved by non-gamers as the Wii I’m not surprised she did.

Coming soon to a Wii near you, Mii Wedding Channel!