Wii Fit gets priced, dated


Gamers looking to add to their collection of Wii accessories look no further than two upcoming titles that are sure to clutter your entertainment center to the max. In addition to the special edition of Rock Band that we reported on earlier, which is sure to have you singing your heart out in stereo for the first time on the Wii, there’s one more title you’ve probably been hearing about for a number of months now.

If you’re sick of music games and feel like trimming that keg on your stomach down to a six-pack, you might want to look into Nintendo’s new gym simulator Wii Fit. Wii Fit comes with its very own wireless balance board which will allow you to control your on screen character with just the shifting of your weight. A peripheral like this is just screaming for a snowboarding title, or at the very least, a “Dancing With The Stars” licensed game. Actually, on second thought you can scratch that last suggestion. The Wii Fit package was confirmed by Nintendo to retail at under $100, and numerous GameStop employees have let it slip that it is currently listed in their computer systems at $90.00 along with a May 19th release date. This seems like a likely price point for the title, which is geared at soccer moms more than your standard gamer.

With the number of casual gamers who have snapped up the console, Nintendo might just be looking at another couple of million sellers on their plate.