Better have your credit card handy for WiiWare Final Fantasy


It’s no secret that Nintendo has been behind the established times with their online offerings, and WiiWare is a service designed to help get them back on track. Right off the bat the Big N let gamers know that we could expect to pay some dividends for access to downloadable content through the service, and one of the first games that will be digging into gamers pockets will be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Siliconera reports that the initial 1,500 Wii Shop Points you spend for the game will only give you access to one of the game’s character races. If you want to add any of the other three races in the game you’ll have to spend an additional 100-300 Wii Shop Points to house them. Other ways Square is trying to get your money enhance your gameplay experience is by including the option to buy new costumes.

So, if you live in Japan (where it was recently launched), you’ll be spending at the bare minimum $20-30 USD to play FF:CC on WiiWare by the end of it all, the rest of us poor saps will have to wait a little longer to see if it’s worth it. But if one thing is for sure, Ninty may have been late getting to the online games and content party, but they seem to have the make money off of it portion figured out just fine.