Cheaters being hogtied and branded on Xbox LIVE


Cheating has been a part of gaming for as long as I can remember. When online games began to gain popularity, many people started finding ways to gain an unfair advantage. Then in 2005 Microsoft released the Xbox 360 with a new version of Xbox LIVE and a little something called Achievements, which have turned many into people who are lovingly referred to as Achievement junkies/whores/seekers etc. While many gamers have been working tirelessly to gain hundreds upon hundreds of Achievements through single player and online play, there have been others finding ways to cheat to gain Achievements and quickly size up their Gamerscore.

Microsoft has been trying to combat this cheating for years now, and today they have revealed a way to brand those who are caught cheating by the Xbox LIVE Sheriff. From now on, those found to be gaining Achievements “through avoiding gameplay or the use of external tools” will have their Gamerscores reset to zero, making them “unable to regain all previously earned Achievements”, and to the delight of everyone, labeling them as a cheater for all on Xbox LIVE to see. To make things even better, “the Gamerscore correction will remain permanent without any way to appeal.”

I only wish I could be there when these people turn on their 360s and feel the backhand of Microsoft come across their face.