Footage of Resident Evil 5 available in Japan this week


If you live in Japan and want to get a sneak peak of Resident Evil 5, you’ll be able to do so thanks to the announcement made today by Capcom.

Capcom has revealed that they’ll be releasing a DVD celebrating their 25th anniversary as a company, which will take place on June 11th. The Capcom 25th Anniversary Special DVD will include some new features for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, some western games, and most importantly, exclusive footage from Resident Evil 5. Capcom also confirmed that an interview would be included, which will undoubtedly tease the insatiable hunger that gamers have already developed for the illusive title.

The Capcom 25th Anniversary Special DVD will be included with issue 28 of Famitsu magazine, in Japan only. There has been no mention of a release in other territories, but if Capcom remembers the number of RE fans that exist beyond the Japanese borders, it shouldn’t be too long for the footage and interview are available elsewhere. And of course, since it’s on a disc, chances of the footage appearing online on the same day as the Famity issue in question is released are pretty high.

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