Go behind the scenes of Gears of War 2 announcement


If you’ve been working yourself into a frenzy while waiting for Gears of War 2, you’ll be happy to know that Epic has released a pair of videos on Xbox LIVE to help tide you over. The videos consist of Epic Games President Mike Capps and Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski giving gamers a first hand account of what it was like to making the GOW2 announcement at the 2008 Game Developers Conference, and backstage messages to fans before and after the announcement. The second video has Tim Sweeney showing off the features of Unreal Engine 3 on-stage during Microsoft’s keynote at the conference. If you were following the events of GDC on the web, chances are you’ve already seen most of what is offered in these clips, but it’s still a nice little HD treat for the Gears junkies out there.

Now, how’s about some actual Gears of War 2 footage, Epic? We’ll take it in any way, shape or form. As exciting as it is to see what it was like backstage before and after the announcement of a title that was probably the worst kept secret in gaming for the past year, what we’d really like to see is some in-game footage of those chainsaw duels we’ve been hearing about. November isn’t that far off.