GTAIV multiplayer screens released then yanked?


It seems that a possible set of new GTAIV screens popped up on a Dutch gaming site called Xbox World. The images were quickly yanked but luckily not before others managed to grab them (click). There are a few gorgeous looking single player screens in the mix but most appear to be shots of what are rumored to be GTAIV‘s online multiplayer. This would be the first time we’re getting a look at the multiplayer aspect of the game and does it ever look good.

There’s no official confirmation on these shots yet but they sure look like some GTAIV multiplayer screens. We’ve got shootings, guns, gangs, police, helicopters, explosions, cars and little dots indicating different players, all along with downgraded graphics for easier and smoother online play. If it looks like duck and it sounds like a duck…you know the rest.