Cult classic Darwinia coming to Xbox LIVE


Back in 2005 a little game known as Darwinia was released for PC by Introversion Software. This mash up of RTS, action, puzzle, and hacking became a cult favorite for PC gamers everywhere. Earlier today, with a little help from the ESRB, Introversion officially announced that Darwinia would be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade in the form of Darwinia+. Darwinia+ will not only include the original Darwinia, but also the long rumored muliplayer version, Multiwinia.

Darwinia is a virtual world created by Dr. Sepulveda and is inhabited by the single-poly Darwinians. People from all over the world come and watch as the Darwinians live their day-to-day lives. But, when the player goes to visit Darwinia one day, something goes horribly wrong. Darwinia is attacked by a virus, and with the good doctor panicking as he watches the destruction of his creation, you are sent into the world to help the Darwinians destroy the virus before it destroys them. The player is given access to combat programs, originally only used as mini-games, from the Task Manager to help the Darwinians fight the virus. The fate of Darwinia and its simple inhabitants rest on the shoulders of the player and his/hers ability to harness the power of the worlds programs.

At the moment little is known about the multiplayer aspect of the game, but this fan can’t help but wonder if you will be able to take control of the virus and ensure the destruction of the simple Darwinians. *cue evil laughter*