Supreme Commander rolls onto 360’s later this year


The highly-acclaimed PC title Supreme Commander will be making its way onto Xbox 360 this year thanks to Hellbent Games, 505 Games, Aspyr Media, and of course, Gas Powered Games. Chris Taylor’s epic RTS will feature all the mayhem and endless customization that fans of the PC version have been raving about for some time now. Chris Taylor, Lead Designer and CEO of GPG, explains the move to consoles, “We believe that we’ve raised the bar for RTS gaming on the PC and now, co-developing with Hellbent Games, we know that we can do the same on consoles,” he continues, “Hellbent brings a talented, veteran team together to deliver Supreme Commander to the Xbox 360 platform.”

The 360 version was actually already announced back in November of last year, but a recent press release has confirmed its delay from “early 2008” to “later this year”.

Lets hope that with four companies working on this title, they can wrangle those insanely complicated PC RTS controls onto a lowly console controller. Maybe it’s time for Microsoft to wake up and realize that USB keyboard support might just be the answer… or maybe not.

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