Grand Theft Auto IV street maps hit the web


Is nothing sacred anymore?! Seems like every time you turn around something is getting “leaked.” Whether it’s from the company, an inside man, or a divine being, nothing seems to be safe from finding its way onto the internet. Case and point – with a helping hand from someone who calls himself/herself/itself “pallamallawa”, photographs of area maps from the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV have found their way onto the net.

The six images show layouts of the city, a subway map, plus images and descriptions of some of notable the locations you’ll be able to visit as you cause chaos in Liberty City this April. Check out all the photos and determine for yourself if these are as real as it gets, or extremely fugazi. Or, if it’s just Rockstar being smart and taking advantage of the blogosphere to create even more hype for their game.

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