The Political Machine, Coming to a PC Near You


Back in 2004, Stardock released The Political Machince, a political strategy game that put you in charge of a campaign for President. To be successful you had to travel from state to state and complete activities to either raise more money for your campaign or raise your poll numbers. However, there was a catch. You had to do all this using only a limited amount of stamina during each turn (one week).

Its now 2008 and in Stardock will be releasing a follow-up to its 2004 political strategy hit in the form of The Political Machine 2008. Although based on the same gameplay this edition will be running on an all new engine and in a new style – the candidates will be depicted as bobble head dolls. Stardock says the game mirrors real-world events like answering questions on the Colvert Report and the O’Malley Factor. Players will also be able to play a campaign from history or create their own election.

Although no exact date has been set, Stardock has said that the game will be released sometime in June for $19.95.