Best Buy to hold Wii for Women Event


Attention all female readers! Reader? Ella? Anyone. Best Buy is having a Wii for Women event this Sunday, March 30, for all you lovely lady gamers out there. Any woman who wants to head over to select Best Buys across the U.S. can play the Wii from 1-4 p.m. with other like minded ladies of gaming. Not only that but any Wii waggling woman who shows up will have the chance to win spa coupons, a GPS system or a brand new Wii. You don’t even have to be good at playing games because the prizes are being doled out via drawing.

It isn’t quite clear why this is a gender specific event since all the prizes are pretty, for lack of a better term, bisexual. Plus there doesn’t seem to be any rule in the small text about men showing up and playing. Really, I think this is just a marketing ploy so that Best Buy can sell more Wiis to women or men can justify dragging their girlfriend to a video game event. Marketing ploy or not, sounds like it could be a good time for all and is hopefully a step in the right direction of attracting more female gamers.

Maybe I’ll head over. I have been needing a good spa treatment…errr…I mean…a new GPS system for my manly sports car/four wheel drive truck.