MGS movie producer says he’ll try and make it good


When I first heard that there was going to be a Metal Gear Solid movie, I had two clashing feelings. The first was overwhelming happiness because I am a HUGE Metal Gear fan, and seeing a movie adaptation would be incredible. But I was also hit with a large dose of “Oh No” because I am going to have amazingly high expectations for this movie. Considering the few video game movies I’ve seen (Doom, Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros.) I was a worried that this may end up the fate of another crappy video game movie.

Now? I feel a bit better. has an interview up with Mike De Luca, the producer for the Metal Gear Solid movie. He’s produced films such as Boogie Nights, Little Nicky, and the upcoming 21. In the interview, he has a really blunt answer for the most likely common question of “What are you doing to do to finally make a kick-ass video game movie?”

“I mean, hopefully not screw it up. For me adapting a video game is just like adapting a book or a play or any other…whenever you’re adapting from another medium for film you try to take into account what you need to do to make it a movie. With books it’s how you compensate for not being inside a character’s head and with video games I think what you have to compensate for is the loss of interactivity, you know.”

He also mentions that he wants viewers to have the same feeling they had as when they left “Robocop” or “The Matrix” which, if he can pull off, would be very a welcome change to the sea of Street Fighter and Hitman-type movies out there.

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